Golden Kush

Golden Kush


Type: Hybrid
THC: 21% – 23%
Flavors:Herbal, Spicy

Aromas:Earthy, Kush, Pungent,Skunky
Best for treating:Chronic Pain,Depression, Insomnia

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Product Description

Golden Kush is Classic kush taste, you can really taste the herb. Bright dense buds coated in golden long hairs. Classic kush taste.

Golden Kush is the Best

Grade: A

Type: Indica dominant

Looks: Bright dense buds coated in golden long hairs.

Smell: like kush but more musky.

Taste: Classic kush taste, you can really taste the herb.

Effects: Long head high, good night toke.

Potency: Very strong.

Good Strain For: Insomnia, muscle pain, appetite


About this strain

Golden Kush is a 50/50 hybrid that stands out mainly for its high potency and easy growth. This variety produces really sticky flowers with a strong fuel and lemon scent. Its medicinal properties relieve depression, insomnia and also different physical aches and pains.

The high is very balanced, combining initially the psychoactive Sativa effect (Haze), and the effect indicates relaxing and body afterward.

The flowers take between 65 and 77 days to be ready for harvest. The buds it produces are very dense and heavy due to their indica qualities. Therefore, Gold Kush crops are very abundant. The flavor is citric, hazy and earthy, with hints of fuel and very thick smoke.

The strain has dense, brightly colored buds that are heavily covered with long golden hairs along with huge crystals. It has a very mild aroma and flavor. Its aroma is a mix of sweet, spicy, tropical fruits and sour flavors. Its flavor is very similar. You can feel traces of lemon, candy and spices while you smoke Golden Kush. The taste is not very strong, but it feels good.

Golden Kush does not have a very powerful buzz, but it slowly affects your system. It gives you a creative high that gradually eases your tensions. Its effects last approximately two hours and provide relaxation. It makes you feel euphoric, happy, lively, and energetic. This strain is best suited to treat stress and anxiety. Depression patients also use Golden Kush. In addition to that, this strain is also used to alleviate different types of pain and poor appetite. You can also use it to treat insomnia. Golden Kush’s most prominent side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes.

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