Mind Tricks Toffee

Mind Tricks Toffee



Product Description

Once upon a time, two best friends who owned a candy shop in San Diego, CA, were approached by a cannabis extract company to create a magical new product. And from here the Mind Tricks Toffee was invented.

The girls brought their knowledge of tasty treats, proper food handling practices, and an attitude that was far from basic, and swirled it all together with the best cannabis extract in the galaxy.

Sweetbricks and Jetty Extracts are proud to present you with Mind Tricks: Cannabis Infused Toffee.

Mind Tricks toffee is a new creation that combines the decadence of handmade sweets with the power of CO2-extracted cannabis oil. A collaboration between Jetty Extracts and Sweetbricks, this delicious edible is the perfect hit both naughty and personable.

This is a serious indulgence. The caramel’s crisp, sugary texture is cut with the creamy chocolate and finished with the roasted flavor of the Graham cracker. In the middle of all this are little bites of marshmallows and sea salt infused with campfire smoke. Not only delicious, it is powerful. I ate just two of the five 20mg pieces that come in a package and after about an hour I felt relaxed and creative. The effects came slowly and easily, there was no mind-blowing journey here, just intense calm, along with a happy and elevated feeling. This sweet candy certainly stole my heart.


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